Incredible or iphone


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Feb 10, 2011
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Here's the situation....have an old Blackberry thats up for replacement.
I have been looking at the Incredible, and the iphone (which I have been waiting on for the past year to come to verizon). That being said the more I fool around with the Incredible I like the OS...My main uses outside of a phone are: Music...I do love itunes, surfing the net, and texting...I dont like the fact that the iphone does not support flash, but on the flip side of that I prefer itunes over any other music apps/players.

The the big question is...Incredible, I phone....or wait until the Incredible 2, or Thunderbolt come out...
Thanks for the help.
I would wait for the Thunderbolt if you are going to get an android phone. I would only recommend the iPhone if you want a very simple phone with low customization and good battery life
Get what you like...Your the one that has to live with it...
Htc has a pretty good music player also...better than motos imo..and google is working on their version of itunes so watch out for that..just go with whatever intrigues u the most
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Hey mods.....can i discuss my day?? I went and got a iphone this morning. still have my droid settle down. Just wanted give my 2 cents on the 2.
:rofl2: Ask the same question on an iPhone forum.

I have a dinc and my roommate has a 4. They're both cool but yeah, it's just a matter of preference (and I prefer mine) Go out and play.
I had an iPod touch (ok, not an iPhone but close) but ditched it for the Incredible. I liked the customization. My iPhone friends are jealous of the way the Incredible can link info with contacts and apps. I love using a bluetooth device to play music in my car. I find my Incredible and my Mac work together well.

Having said that, I'd wait for the next newest phone if you go android.

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You sure wouldn't be disappointed with the incredible. The other night i was cruising down the interstate on my way to KC, streaming music from slacker, had my gps on, was texting, all at the same time, and thinking to myself dang i love this phone. plus there's so much more customization and not near as locked down. For instance, from what i understand, you have to get your mp3's from itunes on the iphone? I got an app on my Dinc i can download all i want for nothing. pretty nice. just my 2 cents.
Neither. If you want an android phone, wait for the dual core phones to hit the market. If you want the iphone wait for the iphone 5

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Here is your answer: Buy the Incredible off market for around $250-$300 (New in box if you can find it). Use it but keep it clean and scratch free. Then when either the HTC Thunderbolt finally strikes, the LG Revolution rises up, new Galaxy S2 enters orbit, or the iPhone 5 starts calling just sell the Dinc and sign that new contract. Chances are no matter what you do, you'll be ready to upgrade to a new phone within a year anyway and any depreciation would be outweighed by the experience you gain with the current generations smartphone.

i have the same dilemma, switching from my Incredible to.... the Thunderbolt, Verizon iphone, or the iphone 5.

I don't think Verizon will have the iPhone 5 upon release, i think Apple and AT&T will have first availability, then maybe 6-12 months later Verizon will offer the iphone 5... JMO.

I seem to like the Thunderbolt 4G, its at least a step-up from my Incredible yet equivalent besides 4G and lens. I think between now and Christmas many 4G phones will be release, and most 3G phones will be old-hat by the end of 2011.