ICS Update Rolling Out for Motorola Droid Bionic


Awesome! ICS for the Droid Bionic. I have been wondering when it was coming out, there has been rumors and now it is true. Thanks Devs!
My Bionic feels like a new phone, it don't seem any faster but is definitely more stable now.
Hey I love the new update. To me, it's like a brand new phone. Everything works quicker now (wifi, gps nav, email, all that). I swore they forgot about us bionic users when that dagg-on Razor came out right behind it. Now I feel just a lil bit important again. Shout outs to the Bionic crew! #sayworddancedroid
I've had Android 4.0.4, the Ice Cream Sandwich implementation, on my Droid Bionic for just over a week, and I am pretty happy with it. Some of the positives:

1. Android 2.3.4, which came with the Bionic, was pretty poor about holding 4G LTE connections. Facebook was notorious for knocking down the 4G LTE service, and my local Wifi connection uses a broadband carrier that provides much slower services than Verizon's 4G LTE network, so I was looking for a big improvement. Ice Cream Sandwich gave it to me.

2. The 4G LTE service really sucks battery life QUICKLY. 2.3.4 had few provisions to reduce this tendency and the Bionic has a battery that is not very well equipped to deal with it. That's still a problem with the Bionic, but at least there are some services that ICS makes easier to use to help automatically put processes to sleep that consume excess battery power in the background.

3. The appearance is pretty good, and most of the features are convenient. A few of the new swiping mechanisms, being quite a bit different, take a little getting used to, but once learned, are as easy as before, and several of them are more convenient.

Overall, the ICS upgrade is a rather major improvement over Android 2.3.4 and anyone with a Bionic would be very wise to take advantage of the upgrade. It is a BIG one, though, and it takes quite a while to even download, and quite a while to install. Do it when you can afford an hour as it installs, and give it overnight to download.
Just downloaded & installed ICS OTA in about 45 minutes total, after manually checking for update. Don't care much for the screen colors, very hard to read some things. REALLY surprised when it asked me to set up printers, and it found all my shared printers just fine (now have to find a "Print" button in an app, I guess, to see if it works). Took about 10% (70%->60%) of the battery to do the download and install, but the jury is still out on general battery life. Keyboard seems less prone to fumblefingering -- feels more like my iPhone keyboard. I was planning onupgrading to the iPhone 5, but the hassle over Google Maps made me pause, and the promise of ICS on the Bionic made me pause some more, as will the promise of continued updates. So far, I'm going to stick with the Bionic. Real test will be the camera -- only about 3% of my photos so far have been in focus using this wretched camera, using multiple camera apps. Won't SOMEONE come up with a manual focus option on a camera app?