Ice Cream Sandwich Update Begins Rolling Out to Testers for the VZW Motorola Xoom


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Dec 30, 2010
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Just last Friday we shared with you that Verizon said Ice Cream Sandwich would begin rolling out on June 4th to owners of the VZW 4G version of the Motorola Xoom. We prefaced that by saying that Verizon themselves confirmed it, "unless they change their mind." It looks like they did exactly that. Apparently, the full update is not rolling out today to all owners, but instead will be rolling out to select testers today. It is still possible that the full OTA will start rolling today, but for now we only know about testers getting it. Here is their statement,

We’re testing final software. A group of some thousands of Xoom owners will receive the software upgrade. But only a portion of that group is made up of owners like you, from the Motorola Feedback Network. It’s your feedback that we rely on in evaluating if our software is ready.

I guess, by now, we shouldn't be surprised that Verizon is a bit "wishy washy"... :rolleyes:

Source: XoomForum via DroidLife
I woke up to the update this AM. :). Installing now.

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After waiting for the ICS updates on my two Xooms, and still waiting on the update for my D4 - I will add this one note: the ICS deployment on my Xooms went a lot smoother than the ICS upgrade for the Transformer. Since I use all these for work, I would rather wait the extra time, and have it simply work, than get the ICS upgrade early, and wait for the 10 patches to get everything worked out.