ICS Update Rolling Out for Motorola Droid Bionic


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Dec 30, 2010
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It looks like that soak test for the Motorola Droid Bionic went well. Starting today, the new Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich update will be rolling out to the Bionic. Of course, keep in mind, that the update rolls out in phases, so if you are not one of the first to get it, just hang tight and keep checking your system settings. Eventually your group will get it within the next few days. Sound off in the forum as soon as you get your update to let us know what you think of it?

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Congrats Bionic users. Bought dang time. I'm glad I didn't hold on to mine, this would have drove me nuts how long it took lol
Got mine this morning, adds new life to the phone, camera works better/quicker, it was the first thing I tested.

Keyboard is allot better, takes a few to get use to it after the old one.

Connecting to Networks like WiFi is quicker.

Lapdock Web+3 = Tablet with no touch. It's good and bad. Took some getting use to, but now I find it easier to use then the old version. It's faster, still a little laggy, but not as bad as the old version. Did not try it on the Lapdock 100 yet. Icon/Loading telling me it's going 'in or out' of Webtop mode is getting annoying.

Testing out Chrome now....
So if I'm on Eclispe 3.0 right now. Do I just take the update and wipe then root? Or what exactly should the process be.

pretty sure you need to be stock otherwise the update won't find the needed files to verify that you are on the previous version required to upgrade.

I'm sure there are a few threads on this topic floating around the bionic forum.
I have a quick question. The last ICS leak we received was .247. If we're on the leaked path already, should we stick at .246 or go to .247 anyway?
I have a quick question. The last ICS leak we received was .247. If we're on the leaked path already, should we stick at .246 or go to .247 anyway?

Anyone I've seen on 247 has hob'd back to 246. I believe if you stay on 247 you'll be stuck there when JB comes out. FXZ, if and when it becomes available, will be for 246. Someone else correct me if I'm wrong.

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If you are on 247, DO NOT FXZ. Go to the HOB and follow the instructions. If you FXZ, plan on asking Samurai for help. If you go to the HOB, read, then reread the FAQ, download the required items, read the FAQ again and then follow the instructions. It is stupid easy, but freaking works and without loss of data.
Forgive me if this is a stupid question:

Shouldn't the file name be "blur_version.6.7.246" if it's the new ICS update instead the current Gingerbread 905 version name?

no because that's the version it is upgrading from. Moto always names their updates with the previous build name/number.
So then all I would have to do is copy the zip file Brom provided to my SD Card, boot into Recovery, and select "Apply update from sdcard"?

Again, sorry for the noob questions. I haven't had the OTA yet, but my Bionic on 905 has been dropping data like crazy for the past few days and I'd really like to ditch Gingerbread ASAP! :)