Here is a guide to change the carrier name on your notification bar and lockscreen

this seems simple enough but for some reason ive tried 3 times now and all i get are a bunch of strange symbols. could it be because im using the black glass theme. help!!!

Do you highlight the whole verizon wireless word in HxD then start typing?
I highlighted everything but it didn't say verizon it said 928 droid black glassx

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I'll download that theme tonight and see if I can reproduce the same result
Did you spacebar after your new carrier name?
The creator of the theme must have decompiled the apk and edited the xml to do that many letters in the carrier least that's what I can figure out so far...
Yeah i hit space bar until the end. Let me know if its the theme so i can stop driving myself freakin nuts over it. Thanks in advance!

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I just realized it only says 928 black glassx if that makes any difference

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Ok that's 16 letters so it should work

It should work try again if you can.
Do i put periods in between each letter or do i just type it out. And do i put the spaces in when i use terminal emulator.

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No periods, just type it out, if your new banner is shorter than the existing one use the spacebar and that will overwrite pre existing letters, and any space you see in the terminal commands are there for a reason, if you don't insert them you will probably get errors
Wait what?

Just type out your new carrier name while "verizon wireless" is highlighted
Spacebar any leftover letters away
16 letters max and spaces count as letters

And yes there are spaces while typing the code into terminal emulator

Oh tparker ya beat me to it
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