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May 9, 2010
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This has been posted everywhere so I take no credit,these are the files from to add them to your favorite theme or anything just download the .zip of your choice. Using Ninjamorph from your phone find /system/framework/framework-res.apk go to the res folder replace the anim folder with the new anim folder of the transition you want,then finish the project. From your computer replace the anim file in framework-res.apk/res then put it on your sdcard. From terminal emulator type su ,sys -rw ,cp /sdcard/framework-res.apk /system/framework,sys -ro ,sync but it will probably freeze and reboot by the last two steps.
is the stock 1 for stock squidly, the stock transitions for the phone, or the stock transitions from .2
I've tried installing the transitions through ninja morph after unzipping the transition file I wanted, then goingto the anim folder but there aren't any options to choose from to replace that anim folder

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Try long press instead of a tap.

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ok i know i've posted some dumb stuff in this forum, but im trying to understand. I've flashed the bigdxwhitefullblur theme over squidly's latest but im trying to apply the flying animation and im not understanding how to do this in ninjamorph i've spent an hour trying to figure this app out to no success. can anyone help me out with something i may be doing wrong?
Garret from has a 9:50 video on youtube that does a real good job explaining it. Check it out. Last time I did a search on youtube for ninjamorph, it was the first video on the search result list. Hope it helps you.
hey thanks man ! actually just was gonna post that i finally figured it out. didn't realize that i had to use astro in conjuction with ninjamorph. must say that wednesday afternoon through evening has just been wasted by trying to get a transition to work. my rooted phone is getting more addicting everyday...
I tried using ninjamorph, metamorph, astro, oi, root explorer, linda, and supermanager to replace the animation folder. Plus I watched the you tube video. No luck. Can someone please break it down for me before I chuck my phone into the fireplace.....aaaaaaaahhhh
Finally figured it out but only the pc way, I love my new transitions. Can someone please tell me how you use ninjamorph to do this.
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Please, can someone explain how to change the anim folder using ninjamorph, I'm not a total noob so i dont need the full breakdown but nothing would allow me to copy or move the folder to the right place and I just want to get it figured out. thanks.
Extract framework res.apk using ninjamorph it is system/ framework then using astro take your new anim folder and copy it to sdcard/androidthemes/workspace/frameworkresapk using astro or similar file manager then go back to ninjamorph finish project find framework res again and finish it up click yes on overwriting system/ framework/ framework res.apk and zipalign that's it.
Thanks Squid! I followed your steps after I installed the hapticless bottom lockbar and I was able to get the transitions back in place.

Here is what I did:

1. download desired transition from OP
2. extract it to sdcard (I put mine in /mnt/sdcard/ROMs/transitions)
3. grab Ninjamorph Free from the Market (and Astro if you don't already have it)
4. run Ninjamorph
5. select New Project
6. browse to /system/framework
7. select framework-res.apk
8. wait for extract to complete
9. press Home key, open Astro
10. in Astro, browse to where you extracted the transition folder
(e.g. /mnt/sdcard/ROMs/transitions/flipandfly)
11. long press on anim folder, select Edit, then Copy
12. in Astro, browse to /mnt/sdcard/AndroidThemes/workspace/framework-resapk/res
13. select Paste and overwrite the anim folder
14. press Home key, launch Ninjamorph
15. get back to main Ninjamorph screen, select Finish Project
16. select framework-resapk and confirm all changes & zipalign & reboot

I did have a weird issue with Ninjamorph where I would launch it again after copying the files in Astro but Ninjamorph would not be at the main screen, it would still show me the file/folder list. I just used the "Back" soft key until I was at the root directory, one more "Back" would cause Ninjamorph to FC. Then when launching Ninjamorph again I would be at the main screen and could then select Finish Project. Kinda sloppy but I didn't see a way to get Ninjamorph back to it's main screen.