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Aug 8, 2010
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This was initially written with rubiX users in mind, but since it's a bit more general now I thought I'd post it here.

Watching the same transition animations over and over is boring. You can speed them up with Spare Parts or you can just shut them off entirely within settings. There is, though, a third road: change 'em.

These are videos of most of the transition animations packs (Drod's rubiX animations, Fab's animation mix, and Android Stock have no videos at present).

[video=youtube;kPws_bpMjUc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPws_bpMjUc]YouTube - Android Screen Transitions[/video]

[video=youtube;j6A9M8mOkJg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6A9M8mOkJg]YouTube - Samsung moment animations, bounce[/video]

[video=youtube;2bu9c2gbxGI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bu9c2gbxGI]YouTube - Sbtwca[/video]

[video=youtube;275gRSvqaZw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=275gRSvqaZw]YouTube - Samsung moment animations, fly in[/video]

There are two preferred ways to use these animations:

1. Add Animations Using Metamorph: should work for most roms. Thanks Haxzamatic!

Transition Animation MetaMorph Files - http://bit.ly/gwEB5F

Note: there is no current MetaMorph file for either Android Stock or Fab's mix (see below).

2. Manually Add Animations: should work for most roms

This process will be helpful for those wanting to mix and match animations from the folders. In fact, why don't you create your own mix and post it here so everyone else can appreciate your awesomeness. I'll add new mixes below if they come in.

1. Simply get ahold of the anim folder with the animations you want to use and the framework-res.apk from the rom you're interested in modifying (/system/framework/framework-res.apk).
2. Open up the framework-res.apk in 7zip (right click on it, and select "open archive").
3. Drag the anim folder with the animations (which you can download below) into /res folder in your framework-res.apk. This will replace the files currently in /res/anim.
4. Exit out of 7zip.
5. You now need to push the modified framework-res.apk onto the phone. You can do this by placing the modified framework-res.apk in the root sdcard folder, and entering the following into terminal emulator on your phone or using ADB when the sdcard is mounted:

mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system
cp /sdcard/framework-res.apk /system/framework
mount -o ro,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system

If you're using terminal emulator, your phone will probably reboot before you finish re-mounting and/or typing reboot.

NOTE: This is taken almost wholesale from MagnusRagnarok (initial post) and ronhova (detailed instructions) on XDA; they deserve the credit. Link To Original Post.

Since this process modifies your rom's framework-res.apk, it obviously won't work with other roms. Translation: don't take the framework you've just modified and try to put it on other roms. IF YOU DO THIS, YOU WILL DIE.

Animation Files: for manual addition



Fly In


Drop In (from Drod's rubiX focused series)

Fly In and Flip Mix (from Fab's Apex)

Android Stock
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Metamorph issue

Hi Humungus

Great post. I tried to install the animations via metamorph and was successful in doing so the first time. However, when I tried to install another animation (flip), the animations still remain as the previous ones. The phone rebooted and did all the necessary tasks (as metamorph said that the installation was successful).

Any ideas?? My phone model is Samsung Galaxy S running froyo.

does anyone have a list of what animation each xml controls inside the anim folder?
1st time posting on a forum so noob status sorry, but I was wondering is there a way to animate a transition when going from portrait mode to landscape and vise versa? That would be really cool
I figured out how to get the animations posted here to work on my Rooted Stock 2.2.1.

First, I went to the link Manigma posted and downloaded the regular "should work on any rom" stuff. Then I decided that I wanted to try the Flip one posted here... so I downloaded it, and noticed that the folders were set up differently, but it wasn't hard to figure out how to configure it like the ones posted by Manigma. So... I have FLIP ANIMATION on my phone. YAY!
Can the fold zip file be installed via clockworkmod by booting into recovery and installing zip file?
Im looking for ne 411 on sbfing I would rather pay sum 1 to root my phone im not good wit computer I had z4root but upgraded like a idiot im on .596 now its wanting to upgrade to 602 but im so confused on sbfing help please

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Im looking for ne 411 on sbfing I would rather pay sum 1 to root my phone im not good wit computer I had z4root but upgraded like a idiot im on .596 now its wanting to upgrade to 602 but im so confused on sbfing help please

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I was in your position a few days ago and had no clue as well. You need to download RSD Lite 4.9, which can be found using a google search. Then also google search for DroidX sbf files on google. Install RSD, connect your phone and its pretty straightforward. One word of caution is that you might also need a bootloader sbf if it doesn't work, which again can be found in a google search.

But really, if you want a guide you can find one on these forums, and this topic has nothing to do with SBFing.....
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That sounds so easy but guess im not to smart I've tried downloading files from mega upload n other threads but no luck thanks 4 ur quick reply ill keep looking n hoping I can do it if us thanks of ne thing let me know thanks again

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