Here is a guide to change the carrier name on your notification bar and lockscreen


Yes it is mob87 ..just use the spacebar to delete all the "Verizon Wireless" text instead of putting your custom carrier name
I tried inserting spaces only and when I rebooted my phone I got "Roaming Indicator Flashing" and the icon was indeed flashing in the status bar.
ummm thats odd

Try going to settings/display and unchecking roaming banner at bottom of screen
ill look into it when I get outta work at midnight

I'll try to do it when I get home from work tonight..maybe I'm wrong and it needs to have something for a name idk
Ok cool. Its not really a big deal tho. I will try putting some text and see what the outcome is for me.
Im an idiot. I messed up the first file I edited and put that one on my phone instead of the correct one. Everything is working fine now. Huge face palm on my part.
hey atleast its done

Yay I officially helped someone lol!
Post a screenshot!
Haha thanks man. Here's a screenie.

I will post it up when I get to my comp. The theme is REVOlution by Fabulous and yes I'm on 2.2

Here's the wallpaper