GPS problems

This might be completely coincidental, but I had the exact same problem for the first several weeks that I had my Droid. I had no idea if or when I could ever connect. Then about 2 weeks ago I installed Setting Profiles and specified that GPS be turned on when the Droid is docked in the Car Dock. Since then, the GPS activates immediately upon hitting the map button when it is docked.
In short, it is not 100% reliable communication 100% of the time. Your device may lose communication with a particular satellite. It may hiccup. The gps hardware/software may decide to take a coffee break. Get used to it.
That's certainly true. However, I never had as many GPS issues with my Blackberry 8310. I don't think the 8310 was aGPS though. IIRC, it was standalone only. I suspect some of these Droid GPS issues are aGPS-related though I really don't have anything to back up that claim.
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