Is Google Buzz eating my battery?


Nov 14, 2009
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After the new Maps update I noticed that just navigating back to the home screen would not turn off GPS, and I would sometimes have to use TasKiller to kill Maps completely.

Now I noticed that GPS was on even though Maps was completely shut down. I realized that just navigating to the Google Buzz mobile site (which uses GPS to determine your location) leaves the GPS running even after you close the browser.
You have to either navigate away from the site, close the tab, or kill the browser completely. If you forget to do this, your phone might be dead the next time you need it.

I'm using xScope as my browser. (I tried to confirm this with the stock browser as well, but every time I try to navigate to, it opens it in xScope instead.)

So I don't know if this is a xScope issue or a Droid issue in general, but it's bad.
I've noticed the same thing after checking buzz on Google maps or in he browser (running the default browser) that my GPS will stay on and the icon will be in my task bar. If I lock the phone and come back later it'll still be going and my battery will be drained (like 2-3 hour lock period).

For now I turn off GPS when I'm not using it which is annoying as I didn't have this problem before, maybe a fix on the way with the maps app or ?
I've noticed that exiting Maps is a crapshoot; sometimes it turns of GPS and sometimes it doesn't.
But leaving Buzz active in a browser leaves GPS on 100% of the time. Navigating back to the home screen won't turn it off.