Eris Issues


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Oct 30, 2009
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Here's a thread for the Eris also. Any issues and we want to hear about them too ;)
Here is a question I would love to see answered: Is the 100% Up-Time issue that the Sprint Hero is experiencing also happening to the Eris?
Yes I have an issue. The volume is a bit too loud for media. In a quiet room even the lowest volume setting is too loud IMO and the highest setting seems like it will blow out the earbuds when listening to music ect. I have tried three different ear buds. The volume is simply set TOO HIGH for playing media through either 3.5mm jack or internal speaker even at the lowest setting. I hope they fix this because I dont want to re-encode all my music with lower volume levels. That would suck.

Also not a real issue but more of an annoying feature that you currently can NOT turn off.... The vibrate feedback for the 4 capacitive menu buttons can NOT be turned off. There is an option to disable the vibrate feedback for typing but thats only for the virtual keyboard. There is no way to turn it off for the 4 menu buttons.