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Nov 17, 2009
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apologies for starting a new thread, but my search for an "eris vs droid" thread only came up with one in the general discussion area, and i wanted to talk more specifically to current eris owners:

my wife is looking to upgrade to either the eris or moto droid. shes coming from a bb storm, so i think shes in for a shock when it comes to the android os. im a moto droid owner and this was my first android phone, and i swear i will never go any other way for future purchases. that said, im sure the eris is a more than capable phone, but do any current eris owners wish they had a droid instead? are there any differences that i should be aware of? is she safe with an eris or does the droid simply blow the eris out of the water? what are yall thoughts?
I bought the Eris and took it back and exchanged it for the Motorola Droid. The Eris just cant compete...simply the battery alone was enough for me to change and the keyboard on the Motorola is a nice addition. I can honestly say if money is not an issue buy the Motorola it is far superior!!! My Eris froze up on me 4 times in about a 2 week period and my Motorola has not froze at all....

Just my 0.02 cents
If she doesn't have it yet, wait for the Nexus One. The Droid has a better battery and technically stronger hardware, but weighs a lot more and has angles (which I like, personally). The Eris is lighter and has a far superior software keyboard, but the battery life sucks. The Nexus is very similar to a Droid in capability, but the hardware is tweaked a little, with more memory and a faster/better processor (Flash, anyone?). I got the droid for the keyboard, which I don't use, but am glad I chose it over the Eris, for the hardware capabilities.
...and I bought the Droid and exchanged it for an Eris! :) I love the sleeker, slimmer form factor and the lighter weight. I do not require more power than the Eris offers... this is not my primary computer!

The Eris performs very well, HTC's software is terrific and updates are coming that will address things that are lacking at present. I have had no freezing issues, the battery life has been improving with use and all software is running as expected. I am very happy with my choice of the Eris.
With my wife having the Eris and me the Droid, the first thing I notice is the Droid now has more capabilities but what was even more apparent when I started trying to set up her phone, is that it is NOTABLY slower. That would bug me. I wouldn't go with the Eris. For me it's function over form, the phone's a tool, therefore I don't care about shape or weight.
That's what the Nexus will do, shaped and feel like the Eris with the speed of the Droid or better.
i'm actually and Eris user. I compared the two and played with the two. But what sold me was the Eris keyboard. even though the droid has a physical keyboard, i find typing on the Eris was better to me. the battery life honestly has been ok on the Eris (yes im a power user) and it hasnt frozen or locked up on me. As far as hardware is concerned the Droid is more powerful but i've not once wish i had gotten the Droid
I'm currently have an Eris and my wife a Droid. I've been going back and forth on upgrading to a Droid while I'm still in the 30 period where I can. I like the size/shape of the Eris better than the Droid. I also really like the Sense UI a lot, in fact that was one of the things that has been holding me back from upgrading. The Droid has better hardware and the screen is a lot nicer.

After hearing about the features Android 2.1 has I realized that I'll be using the same phone for the next two years and I want it to be as "future-proof" as I can make it. Since I won't be able to get the N1, it seems the Droid is the better choice for me.
I have the Droid and my wife has the Eris. She likes the Eris better because it seems to be easier for her to do things on. She is not a tech savvy person but likes the features and games available on android. We have the best of both worlds and it seems to work well for us.
so what yall are saying is its definitely a personal preference? haha. my wife isnt nearly as tech savvy as i am, and shes not a fan of my physical keyboard. but she does grab the droid and play with it every chance she gets. that said, im really thinking shell like the eris. i showed her the phone, and she fell in love with how it looks. at for her, well... lets just say that means the purchase is already 90% made.

as for the nexus one, i dont know if she can wait any longer. her bb is freezing up on a daily basis (if not twice a day). and being a home health nurse, her phone is vitally important to some people. besides... why would i wanna get her a one-up phone on my own? haha

thank you everyone for the responses!
In the end the Moto Droid was too big and heavy. Also, I have a friend that has it and the battery life is no better. He claims it is worse.

I love the Eris, and I love HTC. I think I will really wish I had a Nexus One, but by time I am ready to upgrade (2 years) something even better will be out.
In the end the Moto Droid was too big and heavy. Also, I have a friend that has it and the battery life is no better. He claims it is worse.

I love the Eris, and I love HTC. I think I will really wish I had a Nexus One, but by time I am ready to upgrade (2 years) something even better will be out.

I totally agree... New Every Two is saving me from myself! :biggrin: The Nexus One is fascinating... but I will enjoy my Eris and watch Nexus evolve!
Droid Eris Review

Recently turned in a Palm Centro and BB Tour for the Droid Eris. Love the sleekness, weight, applications, camera, screen size and use. The Browser and Google maps with the free GPS is amazingly fast compared to BB or Palm, however;
Very weak in these following areas, Email is not well planned and very difficult to change. If you rely on email and modifying emails stay away. If you work alot with Excel or Word docs, very weak performance. Battery life is also short.

I am waiting to see if the upcoming update to version 2.0 will improve these weaknesses or I may be looking to another phone.
well i have the eris and my girl got the moto, we got them the same day, so obviously we let eachother screw around with the phones.
personally i like the eris jsut because to me the moto droid feels like a brick. the htc seems a bit more organized and i am a sucker for the touch screen keyboard, before this i had the moto rival i hate slide out keyboards. so my vote is for eris.
mygirl and i constanly fight about whos is better everytime we see a commercial for one of the droids lol
Anyone else care to comment? I'm leaning Eris but could be convinced. I'm interested in email. Poster above stated if email was very important, stay away. Are other Eris users having problems with email and specifically Exchange email? Does this mean that Droid somehow handles email batter? Won't the 2.0 upgrade to Eris remedy any issues?