Droid for Droid X Price and Config

I went into the verizon store and told them my sob story. My wife and I both got droids in Nov 09 and just recently my droid got wet and refuses to show any life. Id like to get the droid x and asked what my options were.

They told me that either I could pay full retail, which he thought would be high $500's or that I could add a line for $10 a month and get the droid x at the $200 price point as long as the new line came with a new 2 year contract.

This would mean the x would cost me $440 over the length of the contract. Still less than full retail and the cost is spread out over two years.

I also figure I might be able to find a family member that will take over my current droid line with an old phone of theirs, and will be willing to pay me the $10 a month. Then if I sell my old droid out for parts and the accessories, I should be in pretty good shape.

Does this sound like a good idea to anyone else?
I think you can upgrade for 199 since your upgrade on the main line is in 2010:
i just canceled my contract after 3months. not etf since i live in a dead zone. would there be any penalty if i rejoined after the droid x comes out. one csr said no the other said they're not sure. they both said that the droid x may offer me a better signal since it has 2 antennae. i told them i may come back if no other options are better.

i have an evo right now but i've got a week left to decide to keep it. sprint offered me the airave for free so that took care of my dead zone problem.

the acct i canceled was actually my dad's acct (he works for the po and they get 25% off!). if they don't let him get a new contract i could always just get it myself sans the big discount.
Well I think I figured out how to get the Droid X.

I just got married and my wife is going to go on my plan, so I will have a Family Share Plan. She said she likes the Droid X but it looks to be pretty big. So she is going to take my Droid and I am going to buy the Droid X and hook it up with my number and my Droid will go over to her number... lol, now should I wait for a better ANDROID phone instead of the Droid X! UGH!
lol, now should I wait for a better ANDROID phone instead of the Droid X! UGH!

Get a 1-year contract and then get a better Android phone. Otherwise, you'll always be "waiting" for a better phone. ;-)

They let you do a 1 year contract? How much extra is that?

When I bought my droid, I opted for a 1 year plan, and it was 30 extra dollars. Apparently, though, they were giving me a break on it and it was actually supposed to be 70 dollars. YMMV.