Where to buy DROID X?


May 16, 2010
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I am going to buy a DROID X at full retail price. Amazon is selling the DROID X without contract for 569 will best buy is selling the phone for 699 without a contract. Should i trust amazon with this purchase? will it be reliable or should i just go to best buy?
Who is it being shipped through on Amazon, if the order is being fulfilled by Amazon then by all means go with that.
Walmart has tons of them everywhere. Call Walmart and get one from them.

*Note* They stop activating phones at 8:30-9pm on the east coast, I assume the same for elsewhere.
amazon is selling it for 549.99 while walmart is selling it for 599.99. what should i do, im thinking amazon.
Yeah if it is shipped and sold my amazon go for it, plus you get free shipping.
omg, im going to call some walmarts tonight. plus amazon says they dont have stock and they will ship when it becomes available and i dont feel like waiting so WALMART IT IS! Thanks for the info