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Feb 20, 2012
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Gingerbread only. If you are on ICS this will not work. Don't try! Get the ICS only tool here: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-4-hacks/217255-droid-4-utility-ics-only.html

This is based on the original Droid 4 Utility with edits. Contains the complete GB fastboot files to restore your phone, root, unroot, install voodoo rootkeeper, safestrap, etc. Extract after downloading and doubleclick the script to run.

Download here: Droid4 GB Only.zip - 1.19 GB
MD5 checksum posted at the hosting site.

If you have trouble connecting be sure usb debugging is on and you have the latest moto drivers installed. Moto drivers here: https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/answers/prod_detail/a_id/78460/p/30,6720,8302

For menu 1 or 2 your phone must be in fastboot mode first. Enter this by using the tool option or manually by powering off, then hold both volume buttons and pressing power for a few seconds, release the power button and select "ap fastboot".

And of course be sure you have a good usb cable and a full battery if restoring your GB system.

Use at your own risk.
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for some reason none of the links to the droid4 utility gb only dont work, it always brings me to a "file not found" or "error" page, all i need is that utility
Droid 4

Every time i click on the the link to get the droid4 utility gb only i get a file not found or error i need the tool PLEEEAAASSSEE!!!
Ok so i already, have the rom i want doi need to download that whole folder or just the tool, and ur sure i cant use it even tho im on gb 2.3.6
You can use the ics tool to upgrade to ics. I can't imagine why you would stay on gb. The tool is in the folder.

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Droid4 utility

Why does it say "system cannot find the path specified"?
If you deleted some system app or modified one the ota will fail. It's easier to just use the ics tool or rsd to get on ICS.