Deciding between Nexus and Rezound


Apr 12, 2012
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Yo Mama's House, NC
I've had my Rezound for 2 days now. I traded someone my old iPhone 4 (16gb) for it. The iPhone had been in the closet for a while, lol.

I used to be a Crackberry fan, but once Android 2.2 was released and I tried it out I was hooked. I'm coming from a Moto DX2. I liked it, but it just seems after the last update it really started lagging. It had a pretty decent camera on it, and I really liked it size wise.

As far as my Rezound....... I love it !!!! Between the screen, camera, radio reception, and LTE speeds, I'm hooked !!! I did go to the VZW corporate store today and picked up a extended battery & door, and shell/holster combo. The standard battery just wasn't cutting it. I was really surprised to see that the "Verizon" brand shell and holster combo comes ready to accomodate the bigger battery.

I think the whole comparing phones all comes down to real side by side comparisons, and personal need/preference. If someone is in love with their phone I don't know that there is much any one person will be able to do to get them to agree something else is better than what they have. I have a buddy that is still running a computer with Windows 98 and is convinced that is the latest & greatest, lol. I think the one thing we can all agree on is that there are some pretty sweet handsets out there right now, and that technology has made leaps and bounds in the last few years alone.


Dec 2, 2009
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No need for bickering kids.

They are both excellent phones. And I was actually hoping that the fact that Samsung went with a 5mp camera was a good thing. I thought they were getting away from the silly mp games and focusing on producing a high quality sensor. Sadly that wasnt the case. I am confused as to exactly what they were thinking. The Camera is barely better than the Bionic camera, if at all. Really disappointed with the camera. That was actually what compelled me to be interested in the Rezound.

I am glad it did though. After a week or so, I am sold. For me, the Rezound is a much more satisfying experience. Once it gets 4.0, it will not be close really.

And, my wife loves the Nexus, so it is a win win.


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Apr 11, 2012
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Thanks for correction memory information

Thanks for correcting my errors on the memory configuration of the Nexus vs Rezound. I did not realize the Nexus now came with 32 GB standard on Verizon. That helps, but I still like the ability to pull an SD card from the phone. Some things that can be done relating to customer ROMs, often require using an external SD card rather than internal memory.

Certainly, phones now come with multiple gigabytes of memory. I was interested in your comment on phones being useless without multiple gigabytes of memory. It just shows how far we have come over the years.

When I first went to work in a research lab in the early 1970s. my company owned an IBM 1130 computer. That computer had a 16 bit CPU and a 15 bit memory path that limited the computer to 32 K RAM - that is K, as in Kilobytes. We had removable hard disk platter that were over a foot in diameter that would hold a whopping 1MB of data. NASA put men on the moon and returned them safely to earth with computers not much more powerful than this.

Sometime later, memory buses got upgraded so a maximum of 1 MB of RAM could be accessed. Someone made the famous statement that "no one would ever need more than 1 MB data". I guess time has proved him wrong.

Now we find it hard make it through out daily lives without high speed multiple core processors, gigabytes of RAM and terabytes of hard drive capacity. Isn't technology marvelous? :)

The Nexus and the Rezound are both very well-designed phones with both great hardware and software. I would not have purchased one of each (Rezound for me and Nexus for my wife) if I were not convinced that they were both great phones. I am looking forward to the ICS upgrade for the Rezound, not because the phone does not work well without it, but because I am hoping it will make a great phone even greater.

The only top-tier Verizon phone I take exception to is the RAZR. While it is an excellent phone as well, I do not like the idea of a battery that cannot easily be replaced. Perhaps in these days of built-in obsolescence, that is no critical. However, I have own multiple pieces of battery -powered electronics where the built-in rechargeable battery failed before the device outlived its usefulness. I hate replacing the device just because the battery died.