Data usage seems high....


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Dec 1, 2009
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I've got unlimited so I'm not too concerned about the actual amount of data I use but I am concerned that it's affecting my battery life. (and I am a bit surprised by how much I've used.) I used to hover about ~2GB/month on my OG Droid, I stream Google Music and Pandora, some Netflix, check FB occasionally, very little web use (Use my Xoom for that), never tether. I've only had my phone 5 days and I've used nearly 3GB already! (4.6 total for this month) I turned down/off some of the data sync but it seems like there must still be a lot of background syncing going on that I can't control. Granted I have been streaming Netflix a bit more than usual but I don't think that can account for it all. There was probably a lot of data used on day 1 when first activating, syncing everything, and downloading apps. I guess I'll let it settle and see how things go from here.

Anyone else experience this? Anyone have any non-obvious places to check for data-sync options? (I know the one under settings)

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Dec 23, 2009
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first month of data on a new device is never a good indicator of actual long term usage. I remember both my OG Droid and my X the first months usage was like 6GB for each. it's normal to play more than usual with a new toy.. check after your 2nd billing cycle.