Data Leak issues/Crazy high data usage


Nov 12, 2010
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SE Michigan
I have been using the TB quite a bit just as I would my iPhone. I have been tethering and watching youtube vids (360p resolution) but no more than I normally would. When I logged in to check my data usage it said I have used 3.2GB in the 3.5 days I have owned the TB (my billing cycle just reset also.)

Based on my usage patterns there is no way I have chewed through that much data. Yes I know its unlimited for now and via the handset, but when the time comes if I opt for the hotspot of 5GB I would be nearly out of data in 4 days of usage.

As a previous Mifi user as well, I could go all month on 3GB of data doing the same things I have been doing with the TB. Something is not right here. It's as if the phone is constantly calling out and using data for something.

Anyone else seeing crazy high data usage that is not consistent with your real-world usage patterns?