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Mar 8, 2010
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I am an aerospace engineering undergrad student. I think ~1000MB of that was downloading roms in class to install and play with. Some of it is tethering. My home internet connection is only 1000Mbps/500Mbps (only service available at my rural location). Some nights when traffic is bad I will tether to my phone so that I can stay connected in WOW. Sometimes I will download files on my phone instead of on my PC so as to not take up my limited bandwidth while gaming. That's about it I think.

If VZW is monitoring usage, you're a prime candidate to hear from them.

I was thinking the same thing.


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Jan 27, 2010
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i was talking to a rep and she said its 5 gigs if you tether.

That's IF you tether and pay VZW for it, but since there's no VZW tether app for the Droid yet, it really doesnt make a difference.

Bottom line is:

Data on the Droid is unlimited, you can pull down terabytes if you want, as long as it's only for your phone.
If you dont pay VZW for the service, and they catch you tethering, then they can terminate your service and slam you with fees, per your Terms of Service agreement.
As long as you're not stupid about it, you can tether occasionally and not have anything to worry about.


Jan 28, 2010
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Toledo, OH
I have a feeling the tiered plans will be met with very disgruntled customers ... And I don't really know how much I believe that ... they just started advertising (at least in my area) $69.99/month unlim minutes and $29.99 unlim txt/pix/flix/data plans.... Even since *I* got my droid the prices have gone down (and I've only had it since Feb!). I have a feeling he was a bit out of context or just talking out his rear.

From the article it is saying for the 4G network ... it'll be interesting to see, since from what I understand the last time they got 4G working with voice it was per a VoIP type protocol, if the tiers are data-based all-inclusive plans (aka you get 2gigs for the month, but that includes everything, etc.)

BTW: The most I think I used was just under a gig.
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