Countdown Clock to The September 1st Release Date!!

Just realized that im working on 9/8 all day so... vzw.. youre gonna have to ramp up that date to 9/1 cuz 9/8 realllly doesnt work for me. k? thx
Lol I do too, luckily I bowl with a Verizon sales rep. That mofo don't know it yet, but he's getting a beer on wed. As long as he holds one of those bricks, oops, bionics for me on Thursday.

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Thats less than 1.5 weeks away, i would love to see proof of that
This is a copy & Paste Right after this there was a word of early release Aug 28
Droid Bionic wait almost over as pricing and release revealed

By: Gary Johnson | August 18, 2011 | 4 Comments


Yesterday we had the news of images emerging of the [COLOR=#4776c5 !important][COLOR=#4776c5 !important]Droid [COLOR=#4776c5 !important]Bionic[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] alongside a new handset, the Droid HD. Today we have news that the Droid Bionic wait is almost over as pricing and possible release date are revealed.
The handset has been delayed for months now but for those still wanting the device the wait is almost over. Android Central is reporting that an SKU is showing the Droid Bionic to be priced at $587. The SKU which you can see below has the model number XT875, but luckily also say’s [COLOR=#4776c5 !important][COLOR=#4776c5 !important]Motorola [COLOR=#4776c5 !important]Droid [/COLOR][COLOR=#4776c5 !important]Bionic[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] in the description. This is for a SIM free version of the device, and it is thought Verizon will offer the handset with a two year contract for $249.99.
Android Central have also been tipped off that the release date is going to be August 26th, which is earlier than the Verizon road-map that suggested September 8th. This will be good news for all the potential customers who have been frustrated waiting for the device since it was first revealed all those months ago.
Meanwhile TechnoBuffalo have been sent some images from the Tips and Tricks manual for the Bionic. The display is confirmed as a 4.3-inch qHD similar to the Droid Charge. It also seems that Motorola will be giving the Droid Bionic the same connectivity options as the Atrix. This will mean owners will be able to connect the handset to an optional dock to use it as a laptop. It will also support MotoPrint for wireless printing to Wi-Fi enabled printers.
There will be ZumoCast which allows for owners to access and stream files from their home computer. The 8-[COLOR=#4776c5 !important][COLOR=#4776c5 !important]megapixel [COLOR=#4776c5 !important]camera[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] has been confirmed with LED flash and 1080p video recording. There is also a front facing camera for video chatting. The handset has three microphones located around the device, and users can use the Bionic as a wireless hotspot for up to eight devices.
Will you still be getting the [COLOR=#4776c5 !important][COLOR=#4776c5 !important]Motorola [COLOR=#4776c5 !important]Droid[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] Bionic considering all the other handsets which are nearing release?
When are we thinking we'll see preorders. One week before, or two weeks before???