Consumer Product Safety Commission issues Formal Recall for Samsung Note 7


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Apr 2, 2010
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We all knew it was coming. In fact, it was fast tracked, first by Samsung itself, but then the CPSC jumped in and made it official. The new flagship phablet just released by Samsung, the Note 7 is now in a Federal recall program.

This phone/tablet has been the subject of an investigation due to a significant number of recent reports over a very short time, of them bursting into flames while being charged. Initial investigation by Samsung points to a faulty manufacturing process with the batteries, whereby the internal structure is compromised, causing it to have internal short circuits. This in turn causes the battery to rapidly heat up, triggering a "thermal runaway", resulting in the battery reaching extremely high temperatures and rapidly igniting, producing high temperature flames under pressure. In some cases the batteries are described as having exploded.

In a quote from the article, the Washington Post stated "U.S. officials said that 97 percent of the Note 7 phones sold in the United States have the type of batteries that have caused the fires."

There are reports of injuries - some severe, complete destruction of vehicles in which they were charging, damage to indoor areas and more. The CPSC (and Samsung previously), are advising anyone with a Samsung Note 7 to turn it off and stop using it immediately. They are also very strongly advising you do not try to charge it. Instead you will be provided either a temporary replacement of another model by your carrier, to be replaced once the revised Note 7 is available, or you'll simply swap it with a new one at that time. You may also request a full refund at your discretion instead.

Thanks to our "Forum Field Reporter", @scott9050 for bringing this breaking news to our attention!

Consumer Product Safety Commission issues recall for Galaxy Note 7 because of fire risk
Called my local store to have them notify me when the new shipment gets in.

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This certainly makes a case for a consumer removable battery.
If there was ever a reason, this trumps all.

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