Chinese Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes

Just heard this on the local news. Samsung recommend using their washers on the delicate cycle. Who wants to be limited to only using the gentle cycle?

That being said, this report doesn't seem to be anything more than an improperly levelled washer. I have had my share of possessed washing machines that violently bounced so bad that it could have easily been mistaken for an earthquake. Taking the time to level the washer usually fixed the problem.

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Phew, good thing mine is front-load. I just hope that the front load ones are not affected. However, this does indeed raise questions on their QC as the article suggested. I just hope my set doesn't explode or at least lasts a while. I had those heavy duty ones with the coin slot and that thing lasted me for about 15 years with heavy usage. Probably could have lasted more, but with rebates offered with the new set and the amount of savings from water and energy savings compared to the old one, it was time for a change.

Although it is super unlikely that this will cause Samsung to fall out, it can definitely tarnish their brand if they don't do something about their QC in the future. So far, im a very happy Samsung consumer. I have phones, laptops, washer and dryer, fridge, TVs just to name a few from Samsung. Damn, I just realized that too