1. DroidModderX

    Chinese OEMs Are Expecting Sales Declines In Early 2017.

    When it comes to smartphone sales there are a few top dogs who share most of the market share. The current top of the market belongs to Samsung, then Apple, then Huawei. Even Oppo and Vivo are ahead of the other most well known brands in the US like HTC, LG and Motorola. Some Chinese brands like...
  2. DroidModderX

    TWRP Available For The Note 7!

    Yesterday Jonny informed us that Team Win had come through again with TWRP for the Moto Z. Team Win however wasn't finished with goodies. They have now released an official build of their recovery for the Chinese variant of the Note 7. With TWRP you will be able to fully restore and backup your...
  3. DroidModderX

    Chinese Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes

    The hits just keep coming for Samsung. After a mass recall of Note 7 devices around the world Samsung confirmed that Chinese variants were not affected by the battery defect that caused the company to issue a $1billion recall covering more than a million units. Now that more than 60% of new...
  4. DroidModderX

    Huawei Mate 8 Review! Chinese Power House!

    There are some heavy weights in the world of smartphone manufacturing. At the current moment Samsung out of Korea seems to be king with LG also out of Korea following right behind. The American public has been very weary of Chinese products. It has kind of been our culture over the years to shun...