The Note 7 Has Officially Been Recalled Globally.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Some very unfortunate news has come today regarding the Note 7 from Samsung. We found out yesterday that due to a handful of devices catching fire and or exploding Samsung was preparing to roll out a recall for affected devices. Samsung has now officially announced that they are recalling all Note 7 devices as well as halting sales on the device until they are able to get to the bottom of this.

Defective batteries are to blame for the exploding devices. Early unofficial reports suggested that .01% of phones sold contained the defective batteries. When you say .01% of devices that seems like a needle in a haystack, but out of 2.5 million sold devices 25,000 would have had the batteries from the particular supplier. Samsung has decided the safety of their consumers is more important than the money they will lose to replace devices.

Samsung has discontinued sales of the Note 7 in the US, South Korea, and 8 other countries until further noticed. Devices sold in China do not appear to be affected as they used batteries from a different supplier. This is very unfortunate for Samsung, and this is terrible timing considering that the iPhone 7 will be announced next week. However I think it is commendable that Samsung has addressed this as quickly as they have, and taken full responsibility. I still think the Note 7 is far more interesting than the upcoming iPhone 7. I believe Samsung has many more Note 7s to sell!