iPhone 7 Plus Explodes In Transit?


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Oct 6, 2011
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Why should Samsung have all the fun? Over the past month Samsung has taken a huge hit due to an unfortunate defect in their battery manufacturing process which causes batteries to randomly explode. This has initiated a global recall costing the company upwards of $1Billion. There is no doubt that Samsung is ready for the Galaxy S8 announcement.

Apple may have an issue of their own. An iPhone 7 Plus user has posted an image of what he says is an exploded iPhone 7 Plus. According to him the phone exploded in transit and the damaged device is what he encountered when he opened the box. If this is the case it means the phone was not even plugged into the charger, and was likely turned off. The Reddit user added that an Apple executive contacted him to let him know that they would work with his carrier to expedite a new replacement unit. Hopefully this is an isolated incident.

via gadgets.ndtv

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Call me skeptical, but I don't believe it.

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Quick, recall them all, get the government involved....

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If that is the case it could have happened in the Stock room or on Shipment From Warehouse or anywhere from the Factory on. Seem Suspicious.
This is too suspicious...

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One incident != An outbreak. We all know this is going to be BLOWN out of proportion

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