An iPhone 7 Explodes and Destroys A Car

Doesn't Moto Z have a liquid cooling pipe to aid in heatsink for the device? I never use the 30 watt charger that came with it and my device never gets warm to the touch even in the sun with the battery mod snapped onto the backside. I always use an old OEM Motorola charger that doesn't exceed 5 watts due to my concerns of this type of incident occurring. I had a bad feeling of what happened with Note 7 right before it happened when I was flying back from L.A. in June when trying to charge my now retired Droid Turbo using the UAL USB port wired into my business class seat. After maybe 15 minutes, I disconnected it due to nervousness while the plane was at cruise. The phone got VERY hot to the touch, and it wasn't even a high power draw. Now my suspicion is found due to what had transpired recently.

Solution... removable batteries with liquid piping, rubber gasket for sealing off water & debris, and make the device slightly thicker. Don't like the price or design... don't buy it!

Plain and simple.

My 2 cents. Any comments?

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I'm with you...sign me up for one.

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My Droid Turbo when in the Otter box Defender during a FL summer would hit 137 degrees according to GSAM. I did not like that and stopped using the case. I have found it hit over 120 many times under heavy use and charging. 2years now and no issues with Meltdowns (knock on wood).

My Moto Z Force using OEM Turbo Charger or even Wireless Charging has no Heat issues at all. Runs much cooler than my Turbo does.