Samsung Ends Production.. Bye Bye Galaxy Note 7

Hey you will be reunited again when a bigger and badder one comes out ! What ya get the V20?

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I got the Pixel XL. Had a little hands on today with the V10 and G5. LG is not for me.
For those of you that think Samsung is ditching the Note series, think again!
Yes, Galaxy Note 8 will still arrive in 2017

This deserves its own thread, so if you want to take it from here @PereDroid, it's all yours buddy.

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Who actually thought that the note series was done? Oh it was on the internet so it must be true. Firestone didn't stop making tires after their issue. Ford had a bunch of issues with their 2005-2007 3Vs popping plugs. Companies have set backs and recover.
I don't think it has been decided one way or the other ...we shall see ! I'd personally would love to see them keep the name ...and most importantly find out why the issues and build an incredible device next year're only as good as your last game ....

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