Common Misconceptions About the D2.


Aug 18, 2010
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So after seeing many things that is said with the D2 I thought I should write a post like this. This is just to clear up confusion so users can have the knowledge to use in the future.

Every ROM for the D2 is AOSP
I have seen this said many times and it bugs me that people think that all ROMs are AOSP. As of now, there are actually only a few AOSP ROMs for the D2, cvpcs' Tanzanite/Obsidian, Cobalt, and blackdroid's Ultimate Droid. Other ROMs like rubiX, Liberty, ApeX, and Fission are basically Motorola ROMs with the blur applications replaced with AOSP applications. Now this does not actually make it AOSP. It has features from AOSP, but there is much more to it than the applications. These blur-based ROMs actually have other AOSP-like features, such as lock screen music controls and a few others. Now that also doesn't make it AOSP, those are just a few features that were originally modifications to AOSP to add more functionality to a ROM. That doesn't mean these ROMs are bad in any way. They are actually very good. The only downfall of them is the fact that they are limited to what can be done.

There can't be AOSP ROMs without a custom kernel.
Another statement I have been told or have seen several times. It is considered AOSP if it comes from Google's source. A kernel won't affect the fact that it was built from source. Although it would be ideal for a custom kernel with AOSP, it isn't needed.

A custom kernel is needed.
This is another incorrect statement. It would be nice to replace the kernel, but it isn't needed. The kernel that is provided to us from Motorola includes basically everything the end user would need. Also there is overclocking(although it isn't the easiest implementation) by adding a temporary module to the kernel that is erased after the phone is powered off.

Gingerbread won't come to the D2 until Motorola releases a new kernel with their Gingerbread update.
Incorrect. What the original concern was that Gingerbread would not boot with a .32 kernel(the kernel the D2 has.) and that it needs a .35 kernel. This was later proven wrong with D1. The D1 has been running Gingerbread for a bit now with a .32 kernel. Now I know people will say it is is a different kernel or something along those lines, but that doesn't matter. Gingerbread will boot on it without needing to replace the current kernel.
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