Attn: Dev's - Porting your ROM to the D2 made easy


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Jul 27, 2010
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OK guys I am posting the files I needed to port my 2.3.340 based ROM, GummyJAR, to the D2..

This should work for any 320/340 DX ROM really.

Now with my ROM I also had to include the AOSP keyboard as the Gingerbread one doesn't work right on the D2.. Also make sure to to redue your build.prop edits as this update comes with a build.prop

Here is an with all the needed files :)

Please if you like my work donate as I would like to buy other phones to build other ROMS :)
Thank you! Shouldn't be long now... many more DX themes will fill the forum. :) Great work! Got your PM btw... I'll let you know what I figure out as far as theming.
so all you do is flash your DX rom of choice, then this over it?
i figured that but since its in form i was wondering why it was titled that?
If you have a DX based rom that is based on 2.3.320 or 2.3.340 and it boots to the D2 and has issues with the keyboard, camera, and music playback...

yes you can simply boot into recovery and install this update and it should fix it.
Is it possible to insert these files before flashing? would that be easier?
Sure you can
Guess I'll have to look into how to do that.
In looking at a dx rom and your porting files, there are some differences and i cannot just replace files. In meta folder, there is an update-script and in dx rom there is an updater-script. same thing?
Just take the files from my update and past them over the top of the files in the rom you are trying to port within that rims zip usinf 7zip or winrar.. no need to unzip the rom nor resign it

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