Bricked Droid ? =[


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Dec 30, 2010
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So my phone has the recent update and today I decided to root it because I wanted all the cool features. I used the one click root method and successfully got it to be rooted because I saw the super icon user. I decided to use some kind of program from the market clock something...backed it up...installed a custom rom...then BAM im stuck in the reboot and it loops all over again...I am able to go through recovery...wiped it doesn't work
2. I used the rsd lite 4.5.3 and im using some kind of sbf file dont know which one is the latest but used about fails (i installed the 64 bit) when loading up to the bootloader all I see is 2C.7C HELP PLEASE?!!? am i DOOMED?!?!
Droid 1 requires a version of RSD Lite that's a little more recent than the one you're using. 4.6 at a minimum.

Did you wipe before installing the ROM? What app did you use to root? What SBF are you using? What error did you get?

A little more information from you might get more useful replies. :) But don't panic, I'm here to help.

I actually used the files from here

When connected to RSD Lite my device properties all say N/A
and putting in the file and starting the process it says FAIL
-I wiped everything I can see from the recovery mode
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition
wipe baseband data
-I even removed my SD card cause im reading other forums about them but still doesn't work
To root my device I used Super One Click
crap -_- I know how to flash it seems easy press up on the dpad plug it computer open up rsd lite look for the file and press start
Close enough for now. This is RSD Lite 4.6

That's a 7zip file. Do you have 7zip? If not you should. It's awesome and it's free.


Next up, we'll try the FRG22D SBF. Got that handy? Good.

Skim the OP here, there's some stuff you'll want to know to make sure things go off without a hitch. Let me know if you need a file, something doesn't work, you're confused about something, or if you're ready to proceed.
I am actually one step ahead I allready downloaded the RSD Lite 4.6 now where can I get this file?
ehh I am going to rest please put more info for I will continue this tomorrow THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Read the first post in that thread I linked you to. It tells you everything you need to know and tells you why you want to make sure it gets a PASS... And why you have to be paying attention to it. :)

Good luck tomorrow.
DUDE!!! IT WORKS!!! YOUR MY HERO!!!! that its fixed I just rooted it again...I know horrible....but i cant resist with the dark side... my question is how the heck did i brick it? I installed rom manager I chose flash clockworkmod then I installed the file from an sd card now does the file have to be zip or not zip?
weird I didn't zip it all from the start...I guess ill try a different method rather then the clock one