audiobook track order / sort order on winamp for android


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Aug 5, 2011
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I'm using an LG Droid revolution 2.3.4 gingerbread, Winamp ver 1.2.6. btw, the standard music player on this sounds like a transistor radio in a culvert..
on the pc i have Winamp

So, to the question. the track order on multiple disc audio books gets messed up with audio books that have a repeating chapter to start the next disc or generic 'Track_1', 'Track_2'. it seems the auto sort order when i choose an entire folder/album to listen to is based on the Basic Info Title field as a priority because the options i see are 4 or 5 'track_1' or 'Introduction' files and then 4 or 5 'track_2' files etc...

anyway, viewing the file info details of the files using the pc version of winamp 5.621 it shows track# 6/7 & disk# 2/5 for example and the album and artist details are in the Basic Info, ID3v1, ID3v2 information tabs but it seems i would have to add a header or tail info like 1a or 2b to each file name and / or (?) the Basic Info field to differentiate the track / disc even though it's in the ID3 tag fields?

Have others seen this?

thanks for listening

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I was actually looking for a plug-in specifically for Audio Books with WinAmp when I found your post. I think the best solutions for both of us is to either:

1. Right click each track, view file info, and change the track number to an integer only.
shows track# 6/7 & disk# 2/5 for example
if I'm understanding you correctly, you just need to make the track# 6 and the disc# 2 in this situation, without a slash or the "out of" number. You should only need to do it under Basic Info, but make sure the ID3v1, ID3v2 don't have identical values if any. If the name of the "Album" is spelled and formatted exactly the same way on each track, then that should be all WinAmp needs to keep them together and play them according.

2. Make a playlist.