Audio Book downloads in wrong order.


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Feb 9, 2013
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I recently become a member of the Learning Ally group, which is a group for audiobooks for the disabled. Unfortunatly I cant listen to them through my razr because it sends in a Zip folder. When I unzip it, it unzips in the wrong order. It is a Mp3 format and made to be used with the Daisy DTB Reader.
is there anyway around this?
I have download several diffrent audio book apps, but they all do the same thing. They play them in the wrong order and you cant tell which one is to come first, so I cant even rearrange them right to play them.
I also tried to do it on the PC so I could upload to my phone in the correct order but nope, it still doesnt work.
Does anyone have a thought on this?
Learning Ally says they dont support Droid,but of course I didn't know this until after I subscribed.