Alright Alright -- I am about to root my phone, last minute question....


Jan 25, 2010
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Which guide should I follow? I am very nervous about doing this, and I have read 4 different tutorials on how to do it, and they all seem to differ in one way or another and it confuses me as to which is the "best" method. -- this guys toolkit seems to be the best and easiest method, since it claims to do all the work for me. Has anyone used this? This is the way I am learning towards right now, but want to make sure its the safest (less likely to be bricked VS me doing it manually)??

Can someone please assist me, I am backing up my SDCard files right now, and want to get started on the root process ASAP :) :)
That's a good one, (haven't tried it yet but others are reporting good results) but you should research what you're about to do in depth so that if you run into problems you know what to do if something does go wrong. There is a lot of good info here on this site as well as on the web, read read read before you root....
i used WUG's kit (1.1) to unlock/root. follow the directions very carefully, and you should be good (lots of people with problems in that thread either didnt read carefully, or the answer to their problem was actually in the thread (or in the OP).

i rooted my OG D1 by hand(?) - i.e. not using a 1 click thing, and this process (and being familiar with CW recovery, etc) was really helpful in my rooting process. you can easily use WUG's kit w/o having rooted before, but some familiarity with terminology, process, helpful. again, reading his FAQ and instrux carefully covers 99.9% of what you need to know. and if nothing goes wrong, that .01 is unnecessary...if you do need the .01, posting in that thread or here is very likely to get your problems solved.

i think 1.2 made some of the snags even less likely...the point is not to scare you/anyone, but b/c of the nature of what you are doing to your phone, go slow, read carefully, and all should be fine.
I've heard good things about Wug's, but I used sbenson's personally. Wug's wasn't out yet then.
i did wug's tool as well with my friend's gnex. It was easy. I did mine the old school way of terminal window.