A few questions in the event that I do ROOT my phone...


Aug 12, 2010
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So my bootloader is currently unlocked (did that on the first day that I got the phone). But I am not currently rooted, although I am considering it. I downloaded Wug's toolkit v1.3 on my laptop, so I would probably use that method (unless there's a better method based on my concerns below). Here are a few questions:

1. I realize that locking/unlocking the bootloader causes a complete phone wipe, but if I root, does flashing 4.0.4 also cause the phone to be wiped? I do not want anything disturbed on my phone (sd contents, settings, homescreen layouts, etc).

2. If I flash 4.0.4, and the official OTA upgrade finally comes out, how do I receive the official OTA upgrade from VZW (and I'm not talking about getting it from a developer)? Will I have to flash back to 4.0.2, and if so, will that cause a phone wipe?

3. If I root, and I then want to UNroot (but keep bootloader unlocked), how do I do that, and will it cause a phone wipe?

As you can see, I am very concerned about wiping my phone or messing with my settings or homescreens. I want my setup to stay in tack as-is, but I would also like to have the 4.0.4 release right now.
Basically going into rooting and unlocking with the Nexus, you are going to have to get into the habit of backing up your SD contents. Cause even things that won't erase your SD contents could go awry, causing you to have to factory reset anyways. So first and foremost, it is best you just be sure you back up your SD contents before doing anything root and unlocking related.

As far as flashing 4.0.4, I don't think it wipes your data, but as I said before, might as well back it up to be safe anyways. And you will more than likely have to flash back to 4.0.2 to get the official update, which I think may cause a wipe, but I forget. And using Wug's, you can unroot and keep the bootloader unlocked no problem, as the bootloader must be unlocked to root or unroot your phone. Hope I could be of some assistance! :D Good luck to you in your modding endeavors!