1. DroidModderX

    KRACK Kills! Or At Least It Will Compromise All Your Wifi Traffic!

    Security researchers have found a way to decrypt WPA 2 Wi-Fi security protocol. The KRACK hack (Key Re-installation Attacks) are apparently exceptionally devastating against Linux and Android 6.0 or higher, but can affect all Wi-Fi devices. According to researchers it is "trivial" to intercept...
  2. V

    Any WPS server application?

    Hi all, My Android Version : 6.0.1 I want the application for wps,by using this application my android phone working as a server or wifi provider or master or router. Can anyone provide some application.?
  3. R

    T-Mobile Update

    Great update..now my wifi won't connect. Anyone else having this issue? Or know how to fix it?
  4. R

    S8 Not Staying Connected To Wi-Fi

    Is anyone else having this problem? It consistently drops and reconnects. I have smart network switch turned off and I'm on t mobile.
  5. R

    Mobile Data Quick Toggle Missing?

    I have tmobile and when i pull down the status bar its not there. Even in button order its not there. WTF? Even though I have unlimited data I still like to shut it off when on wifi. Its actually a pain in the ass to find it settings too. And I think theres no way to pin in to the home screen??
  6. DroidModderX

    Deal: Xiaomi 1080P Wifi Camera For $24

    If you are interested in setting up a wifi security camera system inside your house you may be detoured by the shear cost. Something like the Nest Cam will set you back $200 for a single camera. Xiaomi has their own version of the camera. Their wifi camera is 1080p and includes night vision. The...
  7. C

    Xperia m4 aqua wifi issues

    Hi, Im new in the community I'm having this issues with my xperia m4 aqua: 1. Phone finds wifi connections and appears to be connected with good signal but there is no internet (even at my home or work wifi) 2. Phone doesn't find any wifi connections, and if it does the network appears only...
  8. DroidModderX

    FoxFi Is Not Working On The Galaxy S7 After Nougat Update

    I was recently able to update my Galaxy S7 Edge to the Beta build of Nougat. There have been plenty of nice changes in this update including better battery life with Doze On The Go, Split Screen, and other features. I just tried to use FoxFi and it appears that Nougat has killed the app. For...
  9. E

    I have a problem with my samsung galaxy s6 edge.

    Hello guys, i have a problem with my youtube so when i play video i watch like first 30 seconds of video and wifi is gone, and i must go reconnect router and its not helping i watch again 30 seconds and again the same.. and its only on my samsung on ipad/pc everything is ok.. so what is the...
  10. car0llle

    Solved No Wifi/Mobile Network after I closed my account

    I have an LG G3 and this morning I woke up to it not being able to connect to any kind of internet/wifi. I have tried home wifi, work wifi and my mobile data. It says "Connecting..." and then turns to "Saved". I rebooted the phone, forgot and connected again to the networkS, all with no luck. I...
  11. L

    The dreaded wifi "!"

    I'm running lollipop on my Droid Turbo. As I travel a lot for work, I log into various hotel wifi. Well sometimes, like now, I use the following steps: Pull down screen from the top, select the pull down arrow under the wifi symbol, select the hotel's wifi network name. It then obtained the IP...
  12. DroidModderX

    Endless Reboot Bug In Android N Developer Preview 4

    Google has been utilizing the Developer Preview system for the past several major updates of Android. This gives Android the ability to find and squash bugs prior to an official release, but more importantly it allows developers to develop their apps to run on the new version of Android. Google...
  13. B

    Wifi greyed out, cannot turn on after restore.

    Hello again peoples :) I was having some issues with my camera not working, which the conclusion was to be hardware related. seen post: How to repair Camera? Camera Failed. I required a new motherboard but due to the cost compared to a new Samsung galaxy s4 (spare or repairs) I decided to get...
  14. DroidModderX

    Repurpose Your Old Android Device As A Wireless Mouse and Keyboard!

    It seems as if you guys have lots of old Android devices laying around so we will continue this series! It turns out there are all kinds of useful and crazy things you can do with those older devices. One good use for an old Android is to use it as a Wireless Mouse and or Keyboard. Many of you...
  15. DroidModderX

    Add 4G LTE Wifi To Your Car With Samsung's New Dongle

    You could always root your device and unlock the hotspot functionality on your smartphone if you aren't on a shared data plan to give you wifi in you car. Using the built in hotspot can be taxing on your phone's battery and is not ideal. Samsung has the perfect solution. They have just released...
  16. xsylus

    Lollipop Not Auto Re-Connecting to WIFI

    I'm using a Sony Xperia Z3 and when I go into my front yard it tends to get out of range of my wireless router so it switched to LTE mobile data. It's not a big deal however when I come back into my house it detects the wireless network but just sits there saying "scanning" instead of...
  17. Macktion

    CES 2016 Beam Projector

    This may not be news to all of you, but it was a pleasant surprise to me. This projector that will screw into a light socket has Android guts. More than just a projector, Beam has a taste of home-automation to it as well. Playing music, videos and games, running full apps, and even acting as...
  18. DroidModderX

    Wi-Fi Calling Now Available On Verizon Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge!

    Verizon has just announced that Wi-fi calling will be added to their Advanced calling features! This allows you to make, receive and initiate video calls over wi-fi! Wi-fi calling will first be available for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The new feature comes by way of an OTA software...
  19. DroidModderX

    Verizon Blocks FoxFi Free Wifi Tethering!

    The proverbial writing was on the wall. The application that granted subscription free wifi tethering on unrooted devices has finally stopped working on Verizon devices. I had heard rumblings of this starting a few days ago when some of you started to tell me that foxfi was no longer working on...
  20. DroidModderX

    Nexus 6P Native Tether Working Out Of The Box On Verizon!

    Many of you have received your Nexus 6P by now. Mine should arrive this evening! There are still a few of you left out there on a Verizon unlimited data plan. If that is you Verizon ordinarily requires you to pay $30 to add a tethering package. With many devices there are ways to root and modify...