Repurpose Your Old Android Device As A Wireless Mouse and Keyboard!


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Oct 6, 2011
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It seems as if you guys have lots of old Android devices laying around so we will continue this series! It turns out there are all kinds of useful and crazy things you can do with those older devices. One good use for an old Android is to use it as a Wireless Mouse and or Keyboard.

Many of you have media PCs connected to a larger monitor or even your livingroom TV. If this is the case you more than likely have a wireless keyboard and mouse. The WiFi Mouse / Keyboard app can give you a good backup. If you are interested in cleaning up your desk and getting rid of some of those wires this can work for that too.

The app uses your local network to allow you to control devices connected with the phone. Features include Wifi mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless joystick, virtual computer, computer controls. Head to the link below for the download.

via Play Store

Jonny Kansas

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Jan 21, 2010
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I used to use an app called gmote (I think) years ago for this. Handy feature. At that time, I was watching a lot of Netflix on the laptop on a stand next to the bed. This allowed me to not have to roll over every time I wanted to change the show or something. I also used it with the laptop connected to the TV. Very slick.

Looks like this app in the OP is a bit more polished, but with the same functionality.