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    OnePlus 5 Will Get The Face Unlock Feature From The OnePlus 5T

    The "T" Series from OnePlus can be a bit frustrating for early adopters who pick up the latest from OnePlus at the beginning of the year. The "T" series generally sees a slight update from the earlier version of the phone. It's normally just enough of an update to make you regret having...
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    The OnePlus 6 Will Be Available As Soon As March

    OnePlus may be looking to better compete with Samsung by releasing their next gen flagship a bit earlier next year. A new rumor from GizmoChina suggest the phone will release as soon as March. The OnePlus 6 will also be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 according to the same source. OnePlus...
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    OnePlus Is Giving Away 10,000 Tickets To Star Wars The Last Jedi In India

    To celebrate the company's three year anniversary in the country of India OnePlus will be giving out 10,000 Star Wars "The Last Jedi" movie tickets to fans in India! The company will also be releasing their OnePlus 5T Stars Wars edition phone on December 14th. The tickets will be made available...
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    Deal Alert OnePlus 5T 64GB ROM @ US$ 569.99 Free Shipping

    OnePlus 5T 6.01 inches 18:9 Samrtphone 6GB RAM 64GB ROM Price: US$ 569.99 Free Shipping OnePlus 5T 6.01 inches 18:9 Samrtphone 6GB RAM 64GB Sales Online grey us 64gb - Tomtop
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    Deal Alert OnePlus 5T 64GB ROM @ US$ 569.99 Free Shipping

    OnePlus 5T 6.01 inches 18:9 Samrtphone 6GB RAM 64GB ROM Price: US$ 569.99 Free Shipping OnePlus 5T 6.01 inches 18:9 Samrtphone 6GB RAM 64GB Sales Online grey us 64gb -
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    The OnePlus 5T Is The World's Fastest Charging Phone!

    Tom's Guide just released their phone charging speed test which reveals that the OnePlus 5T is the fastest charging phone in the world. The OnePlus 5T features Dash Charge which is not only able to charge your phone quickly, but can even charge your phone quickly while you are using it. This is...
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    Zack Puts The OnePlus 5T Through His Normal Torture Test

    The OnePlus 5T has been put through the JerryRigEverything torture test. The phone features 2.5D Gorilla Glass 5 and scratches at a level 6 on the mohs hardness scale. That was to be expected. The front camera won't scratch easily since it sits under the same GG 5 glass. The metal speaker grill...
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    OnePlus Will Fix The BackDoor That Was Discovered On Their Devices Earlier In The Week

    Earlier in the week it was discovered that OnePlus 5T had preinstalled an app "EngineerMode" that allowed for backdoor access to root functions. The app was meant to allow OnePlus the ability to check devices to be sure that certain functions were working, but the app also allowed for ADB...
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    The OnePlus 5T Will Cost The Same As The OnePlus 5

    The OnePlus 5T will be announced next week. It will also feature a few upgraded specs. That being said rumors had suggested that the phone may also see a price bump. New rumors began to suggest the phone would cost under $600. This suggestion was based on a OnePlus CEO Pete Lau comment. Today...
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    OnePlus Is Collecting Your Data Without Asking

    Normally if a company wants to collect some data it is practice that they tell you what they will be collecting and give you an option to opt in or out. It appears that OnePlus is gathering data and sending it back to their severs. A developer made the claim after discovering his data was being...
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    No Invite Code Needed To Purchase The OnePlus.

    Yesterday OnePlus launched the Indian version of their website for the OnePlus 5 launch event. The wording on the site mentioned an invite code which sent the internet of OnePlus fans into panic mode. This brought back horrible memories of the way the original OnePlus One was sold. OnePlus has...
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    The OnePlus 3T Has Been Discontinued To Make Way For The OnePlus 5!

    The OnePlus 5 will be launching in the weeks to come, and may actually launch sooner than we had anticipated! OnePlus has discontinued the 3T ahead of the OnePlus 5 launch. There aren't many 3T devices left so if you are still wanting to get your hands on a new unit you will need to act fast...
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    The OnePlus 5 Will Feature A Front Fingerprint Scanner

    Rear fingerprint scanners seem to be pretty popular lately. Samsung even ditched their front home button with fingerprint sensor on the S8 in favor of a rear fingerprint scanner. I for one prefer the rear fingerprint sensor. The only drawback to having the fingerprint sensor on the rear is not...
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    New Images Leak Detailing The Design Of The OnePlus 5

    OnePlus has been a fan favorite for the past several years. Their early claim to fame was the fact that their phones ran the CyanogenOS and that they were incredibly developer friendly. Not everyone was on board early on though as they used an invite system rather than a pre-order system for...
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    The OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Edition Is Now Available!

    There seems to be a trend recently for smartphone OEMs to refresh their current product line by simply adding new colors to the lineup. Of course this makes anyone who bought the phone early wish they had not. Apple just made their way back into the news cycle with the iPhone 7 Product RED. At...
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    The OnePlus 3T Now Has An Unofficial Build Of CyanogenMod 13.

    One of the main reasons that OnePlus gained popularity early on is the fact that they have always been so developer friendly. For this reason rom developers gravitate toward their phones. This also means that rom development is pretty rapid and continues to happen as the devices age. You just...
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    OnePlus Will Jump Over The Unlucky 4 In Favor Of The 5

    When I first heard this rumor regarding the name of the upcoming OnePlus flagship to be released in summer of 2017 I had to check the date to be sure it wasn't an April Fools joke. According to sources OnePlus will be skipping the OnePlus 4 and will jump straight to the OnePlus 5. The reason...
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    The Next OnePlus Will Be The T-3

    I am not sure what to think about this as of yet. We have an early teaser coming in from the OnePlus twitter account. There is no information other than the image "T-3". It appears that this will be the name of the next device coming from the company. Also the tweet mentions "more power". This...
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    One Click Root And More For OnePlus 3

    Rooting and Roming your phone really isn't all that hard. For the most part you just need to be able to read and follow instructions. However there are some of you that need your hand held, and that is ok. Not everyone has time to learn how to use ADB and Fastboot. Mskip is well known for his...
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    Never Settle, Unless You Are A Verizon User! No Verizon Support For OnePlus 3

    The OnePlus 3 was released today with much fan fare. In fact about 3 hours of my twitter feed were dominated with OnePlus 3 news. They hype for this device is real. Finally we have an inexpensive device full of expensive flagship features and specs! The phone is only missing one major thing...