The OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Edition Is Now Available!


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Oct 6, 2011
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There seems to be a trend recently for smartphone OEMs to refresh their current product line by simply adding new colors to the lineup. Of course this makes anyone who bought the phone early wish they had not. Apple just made their way back into the news cycle with the iPhone 7 Product RED. At the very least their new red iphone helped a good cause. Every time you buy a Product RED iphone Apple donates to HIV/AIDS programs.

OnePlus just released their limited edition Midnight Black Oneplus 3T. There is no good cause associated with this color launch. The phone is apparently only available in limited quantities. It is still available and ships in 8 days. There were people mentioning they had purchase bots set up to buy the phone for them at midnight because everyone was expecting a quick sell out. Either this new color option wasn't very popular, or this isn't as "limited edition" as we were led to believe. The cost is $479 and you can grab the phone at the link below. What are your thoughts on the new trend for manufacturers to release new colors mid cycle?

via OnePlus