OnePlus X Champagne Color Now Available


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

The newest variant of the OnePlus X is now available to purchase (in some markets). The only thing different about this OnePlus X is the color. This is the Champagne gold color we reported on previously here. It will be the same price, and can only be purchased a set amount of time without an invite.

Anyone in 2 regions (Europe and Hong Kong) will get their first chance to buy the Champagne edition. The United States is also included in today’s open sale, but the Champagne variant won't be available for US buyers until January. Availability will be limited to only 500 Ceramic units available in each region, and only 2500 units of the Champagne.

Here's a quote (directly from the OnePlus presser) with a rehash of these details:

Last week the OnePlus X Onyx was available during our now weekly open sales. For this week’s open sale as well as the following ones, we’re pleased to announce that we will start selling the OnePlus X Ceramic and Champagne for Europe! Please note that for the Ceramic (500pcs) and Champagne (2500pcs) we will have limited quantity each week available through open sale.

If you want to buy the OnePlus X Champagne at any other time, please register at We will start selling Champagne in North America in January. If you are interested in the OnePlus X Ceramic, we will have limited quantity available each week, as mentioned before. Check outOnePlus X for more information.

We will start selling in different times per region:
  • Hong Kong: 16:00 pm (Onyx, Champagne & Ceramic)
  • Europe (CET): 16:00 pm (Onyx, Champagne & Ceramic)
  • North America: 16:00 pm (Onyx)
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