The OnePlus 5T Will Cost The Same As The OnePlus 5


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Oct 6, 2011
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The OnePlus 5T will be announced next week. It will also feature a few upgraded specs. That being said rumors had suggested that the phone may also see a price bump. New rumors began to suggest the phone would cost under $600. This suggestion was based on a OnePlus CEO Pete Lau comment.

Today new reports suggest that the OP5T will cost the same amount as the OP5. The source claims that the price was detailed in a confidential document. The same document says the phone will come in 64GB and 128GB options. The prices should be $479 and $539 in the US at launch if this information is true. We will see the phone announced on November 16th and will be able to buy the phone on November 21st.

via TechRadar


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don't you just love rumors. one says higher another says around the same. I am going to start one that its cheaper. we will know next week.
Let's hope ... If that's the case, Bravo Oneplus, it goes against what is done in other manufacturers.

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No such thing as 800 dollar phone. It's 400 dollar phone and 400 dollar brand name.