Never Settle, Unless You Are A Verizon User! No Verizon Support For OnePlus 3


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Oct 6, 2011
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The OnePlus 3 was released today with much fan fare. In fact about 3 hours of my twitter feed were dominated with OnePlus 3 news. They hype for this device is real. Finally we have an inexpensive device full of expensive flagship features and specs! The phone is only missing one major thing. There is no CDMA support for this device.

I can't say that this is very surprising. We have not seen a Verizon variant of any previous OnePlus device. Seeing as one of the main things making the OnePlus 3 a "Flagship Killer" there isn't much wiggle room for additional features like CDMA radios especially when the rest of the world uses GSM. Heck OnePlus didn't even see fit to splurge on including NFC on last years model.

More than likely their will not be a Verizon model released. Unfortunately You will need to be on a GSM carrier to enjoy this device.
Well People with Metro that dont want to spend 750 on an S7 or 600 on S6, this is a nice alternative without breaking the seams of their Wallet.
I get why they're making the choices they are. I really do. But VZW is my only options for a decent network in my area, so as long as they keep making the call to go with the majority of carries and not include CDMA, I'll never get to try one of their devices. Which probably isn't that big of a deal, since I like to use Android Pay with NFC, so not having that would be close to a deal breaker if not completely a deal breaker.
At this point this is not as much a Verizon issue as it is manufacturers. It is a choice on whether they want to pay to get the required radios and permissions to work on Verizon. For a company like One Plus they may feel like the potential profits from Verizon users may not justify the costs. At the end of the day there have to be enough willing Verizon customers to make that an option. With the over saturation of smart phones I personally would hesitate to make that choice as a manufacturer.
MaxLee put up a great YouTube video on the OnePlus3
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