nexus 6p

  1. Goofy Yno

    Note wont charge, new phone help, please.

    My Note 3 wont charge anymore, time for new phone. I am very happy with my samsung. I like it more then the Bionic I had previously, but did like my original droid. It is hard not to want the latest and greatest when researching, but then I remember I don’t use much on the phones. I never...
  2. DroidModderX

    ROM Nexus6PAnglerM For Nexus 6P

    We are only a few days past the official release of the Nexus 6p and we already have a couple of Roms for the device! For now the available roms are pretty much slightly modified versions of the AOSP Stock rom. Nexus6PAnglerM is a rom based on the MBD08X odexed factory image. The app has been...
  3. DroidModderX

    Security Patches Included In New Nexus Factory Images

    Google recently made a promise to release monthly security updates which are meant to simply patch up security holes. This decision was made in an effort to make Android a more secure platform overall and eliminate huge security issues like what we saw with the Stagefright vulnerabilities. They...
  4. DroidModderX

    Encryption Now Supported On TWRP On Nexus 6P

    Earlier in the week Team Win Recovery Project released their custom recovery to the Nexus 6p with the caveat that it would not support encryption. This meant doing anything with the stock rom was pretty much out of the question. Today they announced that TWRP does now support Encryption on the...
  5. DroidModderX

    Nexus 6P Battery Life Impressions

    I have had the Nexus 6P now for a few days and so far I am loving it. The aluminum back coupled with the Gorilla Glass 4 really give this device a premium feel. The fingerprint scanner on the back is second to none. You can't get any better software for a device than the latest version of Stock...
  6. DroidModderX

    Another Nexus 6P Bent In Half!

    Zack Nelson posted a video where he puts a Nexus 6P through a thorough torture test. He eventually bends the phone in half. The video draws lots of criticism because during the scratch test he actually cracks the glass on the front damaging the structural integrity of the device. Shortly after...
  7. DroidModderX

    Huawei Offering $50 Off Huawei Watch With Nexus 6P Purchase!

    If you are going to be buying a Nexus 6P anyhow you might as well take advantage of this offer. Huawei is offering $50 of the price of their Huawei Android Wear Smart Watch when you purchase a Nexus 6P through their website. The Huawei Watch has received plenty of attention since it's release...
  8. DroidModderX

    Is The Nexus 6P The Most Fragile Device Ever?

    Nexus devices have never really claimed to be the most robust phones and tablets in the market place. There are plenty of drop videos of devices like the Nexus 7 that show just how fragile Nexus devices can be. I feel like my Nexus 6 by Motorola is pretty tough. I have dropped it more than once...
  9. DroidModderX

    Nexus 6P Native Tether Working Out Of The Box On Verizon!

    Many of you have received your Nexus 6P by now. Mine should arrive this evening! There are still a few of you left out there on a Verizon unlimited data plan. If that is you Verizon ordinarily requires you to pay $30 to add a tethering package. With many devices there are ways to root and modify...
  10. DroidModderX

    TWRP Available For The Nexus 6P!

    Many of you have already received your Nexus 6P. Mine won't arrive until Friday, and it won't be in my hands until Friday evening since Google shipped it to the wrong address and refuse to make it right. For those of you that do have the device or will have it soon you we be delighted to learn...
  11. DroidModderX

    Crisis Averted! Nexus 6P Does Not Have Blowable QFuse

    When I read the headline "Nexus 6P has hardware fuse which blows when bootloader is unlocked", I asked myself if it was April Fools day already. If you have been around long enough then you know that some devices actually did have a fuse back in the day. The Motorola Droid X was the first...
  12. DroidModderX

    Your Fast Chargers Are Useless With The Nexus 5X and 6P

    When Qualcomm announced Quick Charge 2.0 I like many of you went out and grabbed up lots of chargers. I have atleast 10 of these. Some of these are wall chargers, and I have a handful of car chargers. It has been confirmed that the Nexus 5X does not include Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0. This was...
  13. DroidModderX

    Endure A 10 Second Verified Boot Screen On The Nexus 5X or 6P If You Root Your Device!

    Verified boot was introduced to Android way back in 4.4 KitKat. It was a concern to the Android modding community back then, but we haven't really seen this surface. Google is taking this feature a bit more seriously in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Verified boot exists to detect persistent rootkits...
  14. DroidModderX

    Nexus 6P Could Ship As Early As 10/14

    A leaked Sprint document shows the release date of the Nexus 6P as 10/26/15. This is no surprise as the earliest ship date for the device on pre-orders is right in line with this date. What is surprising though is the note "Customers may get devices earlier than this and Sprint can expect...
  15. Jonny Kansas

    [Official] Nexus 6P cases Thread

    Have you found a case that you can't wait to get on your Nexus 6P? Use this thread to share your findings!
  16. Jonny Kansas

    [Official] "I got my Nexus 6P!" Thread

    You know what to do folks. With many members confirming they've got estimated ship dates in about a month or so, this is the thread to come let us know when yours arrives. Feel free to use this thread to express initial opinions of the device/etc. Did you get yours yet?
  17. DroidModderX

    Watch Out! Many Third Party Nexus 6P Cases Block The Auto Focus Laser!

    The new Nexus devices were released just a few days ago, however case manufacturers have been preparing their cases for months now. Some of these guys must have jumped the gun on their designs. As it turns out many third party Nexus 6p cases actually block the invisible auto focus laser that is...
  18. DroidModderX

    Nexus 6P Camera Samples From Google's Romain Guy

    The Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X each have a pretty awesome camera. The specs of the Nexus 6P more than likely mean slightly better camera performance on the 6P, but still this camera is a game changer at this price point. The show stopper of this camera is the Sony built 1.55 micron sensor which...
  19. DroidModderX

    Here Is What The "X" and "P" In Nexus 5X and 6P Stand For!

    Today the Nexus team did an AMA on reddit. They tackled some difficult questions like "Why not include OIS?", and "Why No Qi Charging", but one of the most interesting answers was to the question "what does the X and P stand for?". As it turns out Hiroshi Lockheimer gives a pretty reasonable...
  20. DroidModderX

    Nexus Buying Experience Rant!

    As a disclaimer all my agony in the Nexus buying experience yesterday is mostly self inflicted, but still Google could do a few things differently to prevent a situation like mine from turning into a nightmare. We will start off with a bit of history. I have been purchasing Nexus devices since...