Verizon's Tech Support Killed a great Note 2 Relationship!

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 2' started by GWDPhotography, May 25, 2013.

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    Hi All!
    Sorry to say that this is the end of a great relationship that my Note 2 and I have had. It's not Samsung's fault and it's not my fault the only people that can be blamed is Verizon themselves. When Verizon released the Android 4.1.2 update a couple of weeks ago the update installed smoothly and restarted the phone which was totally expected. What wasn't expected was for the display not to light up after the phone came back on. After fighting with Verizon support for over an hour on the phone, they sent me a replacement. Well supposedly they run the replacements through a 100+ point check before they send them out to people. Boy have I proved Verizon wrong on that with the phones that I had both the Note 2 and the Samsung Stratosphere(don't get me started on the Stratosphere). Well I get the replacement in the mail don't download the Android update or any apps other than the updates for those that Verizon and Samsung put on the phone. Within 20 minutes time the phone shut itself off 3 different times, and it got so hot that I could not physically bear to touch it. Which says a lot for the temperature because after working for McDonalds as long as I have I almost lost all feeling of heat in my hands so it takes a lot for me to be holding something and say that it's hot. I called Verizon and had them force feed me the bull**** that it had to be something that I downloaded causing this. After fighting with them for another 2 hours I had them sending me another phone and a replacement battery. Well the following Monday comes(2 days after getting the first replacement phone) and FedEx drops off the phone and battery. I open it up and activate the phone and no matter what I did I could not get the phone to connect to any wi-fi network. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Samsung, an hour on the phone with Belkin, and another hour on the phone with my Internet Service Provider all trying to troubleshoot the issue so that when I called Verizon I couldn't have them say that it was my internet service provider, wireless router, or something that Samsung had to help me with. I even went to every Wi-Fi Hotspot within a 15 mile radius of my house and tried connecting there with no luck. Well I call Verizon and fight with them some more and get force fed more lies and they send me out another phone. Well a day later when I get this phone it has the same exact problem of the phone that it replaced with the added issue that the power jack on the phone is so freaking loose that you can take the charger and spin it around in a complete circle. This had me furious at this point. Especially with all the aggravation that is involved when I call Verizon. Every single time I call them I am sexually harassed over the phone. They have it right there in black and white on the computer screens in front of them not to refer to me as a woman when I call, they have my name which is a guy's name and cannot be a girl's name, and the first thing out of my mouth before I even tell them my name is "I am a man, do not refer to me as a woman, and if you do so it will be considered sexual harassment." Well that doesn't stop them from repeatedly in the same conversation with the same person referring to me as a woman. Well after fighting with them some more and being sexually harassed some more and after threatening to take my family's 5 lines and get my extended family to follow suit with all of their lines(about 45 in all) and switch to a different carrier the head of the callcenter in Tampa, FL switched his tune right there and then especially after I told him that the reason he was calling me was because one of his management staff was sexually harassing me I gave him his choices he could either send me a brand new Galaxy Note 2 still in the box free of charge or he could switch it out to a different phone of my choice free of charge that was comparable in my mind. Well I chose the 32 GB model of the iPhone 5. I know it's no Note 2 in many ways, but I have had the iPhone in the past with work both the 3G and the 4 and have had no issues with the phone that weren't caused by something that I did( Dropped the 3G in the toilet). So as much as I loved the Note 2 and love Android I am switching back for the time being to an iOS device. February 4, 2014 I am eligible for my upgrade and by then the Note 3 should be out and I will be back to the Android side of the force. I just wanted to take and say my temporary farewell to Android.
    Gunner Out!
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    Oh this is truly a sad sad day :-( sorry you had so much trouble with your note 2 and Verizon they can be dicks if it wasnt for their 4glte coverage being so large I would drop them to.

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    Sounds like you lost choosing the iPhone.
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