Verizon Possible Excuse?

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    Back in December I subscribed to verizons promotion if u have 2 or more data plans then u qualify for a discount which means if u pay 60$ for 2 data plans they will change it to $10 a month instead of $30. So this brought my bill down from like $180 to $130 so everything was good. I have 1400 min unlimited txt n we'll the $30 data plan family share. My plan avergaes 750mins a month so we never go over. Over the months from dec to now I have been noticing my bill getting bigger. Dec=125$ Jan=135$ Feb=$135 march=$145 april=$170 may=$180 and Jun=$195 so now I'm paying more than before, I called verizon customer service like 10mins ago to ask why this was happening if I haven't made plan changes and I never go over my minutes and everything else is unlimited. So I got a hold of a rep, he asked me my name and the security questions etc etc...then asked me what can he help me with. I explained the situation and he said "well I have no way of checking what's wrong bcuz our system is down but if u want call back tomoro" so I said ok wtv bye. Do u guys think it might have been just an excuse to not deal with the situation or why would they take calls if they cnt even look at peoples bills?

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    Because they can still tell you about new phones that are coming out which is what most people call about...

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