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    hey everyone, so just want to throw this out there so you all know what the latest is..

    first i'd like to say thanks for continuing to support us, and we are not dead or leaving or abandoning you or anything like that, so don't worry..

    second, over the next few days [meaning maybe* tonight, tomorrow, Friday, at the latest Saturday. I will be posting at least 2 new threads, one filling you all in on what it means for the repo being down.. I know most of you have been told/heard that but many don't truly know what this means which is perfectly fine, so don't feel dumb about that one.. lol, but I will take some time and explain all of that to you, along with posting some love for the D2/D3.... yes I said D2 and and D3...

    third, sorry to all the D1 people.. i've got nothing until the repo is live again... :(

    last, the reason for my delay in all of my replies to PM's, tweets, emails, and what not is because of my classes.. it's rough being a biochem major.. thats all i have to say to that one.. lol, i've got 2 major exams this week, for organic chem and for anatomy and physiology, both of which are on friday, so i will begin working on these threads and releases for the D2/D3 during my short breaks from studying and if i get one done I will post it up.. but they will all be up by the end of the weekend, and the first one will be up by saturday night.. so those are on the way, just can't give a definite time slot..

    Thanks again, and as always if you have questions or need help, just send me a PM, tweet, email or whatever...