Tablet or Laptop?..or Chromebook?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Forum' started by jimmyco2008, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Hey all, the title says it all- should I get a tablet or another laptop?

    I had a laptop and the screen cracked so I sold it, so now I have a chance to get pretty much anything.

    Budget is around $500.

    Here are my (brief) thoughts: I used my laptop for Chrome, and I had AutoCAD on there but I don't think I need it if I go tablet I'd like a similar app for CAD. But I feel like a tablet would just be my phone with a bigger screen, so no real benefit.

    And then I think, I can't jailbreak an iPhone with a tablet, but why would I need to?

    So enough of that, please, give me your thoughts!
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