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    1. Mike253
      Thank you for all your help and time, you helped me figure out some issues i was having with the Droid 2.
    2. greymare
      I'm game for a challenge, but would like to know if rooting my htc inspire will accomplish what I want before tackling it. I have 2 major irritations with my phone. first, I have downloaded every ring profile app on the market but none of them will change a custom ringtone to fit a new profile. example--i have a special ringtone for my husband. when I'm at work, I want all ringtones and notifications to beep. many of the programs will change normal ringtones, but NONE of them will automatically change those specific ringtones, nor will the volume of specific ringtones change. so I wind up being in a quiet setting and suddenly my phone rings in full volume. will rooting fix this problem?
      second, facebook notifications and email notifications will not push. I've tried a variety of facebook programs, but none will consistently provide notifications. does rooting fix the inherent push problem with android? thanks so much for your advice!
    3. andrewrey14
      Im not sure where i can find help. I have a droid 2 and everytime i connect to a wifi network, i am unable to use the internet. When i remove the connection, the web works fine. Is there anyway you can help me?
    4. cbroussard99
      I hope you don't mind me PM you, but you have helped me in the past.

      While trying to delete launcher pro from Titanium Backup my phone went into some type of Android update/install. It shows a box with a yellow arrow pointing towards an android icon. It starts to run an instal/update then it reboots itself. I have tried taking the battery out ( for an hour) and it just continues to show the loading process over and over. I have tried to restart by holding the x key and nothing happens except for the dowload. I am thinking I may have to use RSD lite and you rooting process again.

      Any ideas or fixes?
    5. CTownDroid
      Good evening, downloaded TiBU and b/u everything. Im assuming i will need to use my PC to download PE4.2.
    6. CTownDroid
      Well, it may be time. You had responded to my intro thread at Android.net about updating.
      I am currently running Droid Mod on my Original Droid, and am looking to update to Project Elite. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have to take my son to hockey practice shortly, so I will have some time to read up on what I need to do. Thanks in advance.
    7. Dolfan
      Hey Buddy,
      Whats new?? I see their has not been any nightly updates since the 226 one, whats going on anything I may wanna run....I never did figure out why my phones deleting photo I take with the camera on shutdown and reboot either..

    8. lizardman
      thaks for help i got everthing runing good thanks again
    9. jonstewart2
      updating to .340 require me to download the system updater to the root of the sd an reboot the phone with the bootstrap recovery app an go to update.zip? am i not correct?
    10. missredmini
      Hi my moto droid keeps says my text msgs are full, but I have deleted them all and it still says that it is full and keeps sending back my msgs help!
    11. softasdoe
      Ok so I am officially rooted. Great!! I downloaded bugless beast, and hate it. Also all my contacts and apps are gone. I can't remember how I got them back last time? But also, my phone is suddenly trying to install an OTA update.. should I be letting it?? Or will my phone go screwy again?
      hey man just wanted to let you know i got Cm 6.1 running the first time and had absolutely no problems1 hahaha took 20 min and there are some exciting new options!
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