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Discussion in 'Droid RAZR MAXX' started by Pessoa, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Some annoying things I’ve discovered so far after my conversion from an iPhone (and I’m no fan of iTunes, etc.).
    Saving a ringtone.

    I cannot count the number of times I’ve had to reinstall ringtones that I’ve selected. Yes, I’ve purchased RingoLite and have my ringtones in memory. This is a total pain and I don’t have time to change it repeatedly. Is it Droid or is it the MAXX?

    Far too much blot and the only recourse to removal is to Root but I prefer to wait for ICS before doing that. Of course will it ever appear? Seems like a Droid/Google issue for blot while ICS is Verizon.

    Just like with the iPhone there is occasional, normally when you do not want it, appearance of voice commands. I don’t want it and don’t want it. Who’s responsible and how do I disable please?

    I’ve yet to find a photo manager that is on a par with the iPhone. Any suggestions?

    And lastly, any idea if some of the idiosyncrasies are unique to the MAXX? Is it any different with Samsung S series? And especially if the S3 comes out before my return date expires.

    Note, I’m not going back to Apple. Would just like something that performs like computers are intended to – Repeatable.

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    I can't answer all of the above, but for the appearance of voice commands, I have never had them appear unsolicited. Could it be that you are holding the magnifying glass (bottom right button) accidentally with a part of your hand, or too long when trying to do a search? Also, if you are typing on the on-screen keyboard, could you be tapping the little microphone "key" next to the space bar?

    As for bloat, some can be deleted, some remains as not able to be removed. Rooting will allow you to "freeze" the so-called bloat, but frankly IMHO there's not any good reason I can find. I have a Maxx and the bloat doesn't do anything to reduce my user experience. YRMV
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