SMS issues after root

Discussion in 'Samsung Fascinate Development' started by jlangholzj, May 8, 2011.

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    Hey all, just got my fascinate about 3 weeks ago and did a hard root via the superuser route (that i found VERY helpful and on here :) ) anyway, it has been working FLAWLESSLY up until about two-three days ago. I first got the problem after trying to install some screen lock apps. My phone will receive SMS and email just fine on an instant basis and make calls fine, but my SMS won't go through and if it does at all its delayed by about a day or so....very annoying.

    Ideas on what i need to do? I've heard some people flashing the dj05 modem to it to fix similar problems...i have NO idea how to do that....but I didn't think i should need to since i never installed a custom rom or any other firmware or anything of the such.

    ideas? thanks,

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