Rooted, Flashed to Fission, and a couple of newb questions

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2 Development' started by nateohio, Jan 22, 2011.

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    I just recently rooted and flashed to fission. I got a couple of questions for all of the users here.

    #1 I want to try out different themes and add-ons, but I don't like having to reset everything. Is there a backup program that I can use like a hard drive imaging program? Where I can try something and if I don't like it I can revert back to the previous state.

    #2 Where can I get my hands on a stable SBF to return to a stock Verizon ROM? So I can undo flashing and rooting if I ever have to return my droid2 to Verizon.

    #3 Once I have a SBF, How do I go about using it to return to stock? Is there any special program I need to use to install it?

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    In the instructions on flashing the fission rom it says to create a backup, if you didn't do that you need to now before you go any further. you can make a nandroid backup any time for any setup you may have. You do this by opening bootstrap and tapping reboot recovery, then scroll down to backup/restore using the volume buttons, camera to select, and power button to go back one step. The program you need to sbf is called rsd lite, you should go to the hacking rom install class in the droid 2 hacking section, there you will find links to rsd lite, motorola drivers that are needed for rsd lite to work most of the time, and sbf files. If its an older sbf file in the thread you can get the newest from my droid world look for teamblack hat in the droid 2 section, team black hat also has a very useful app on the market with the sbf file. Any other general question can be answered just by checking out the hacking / rom install class I noted above. happy flashing!